All factories of the group achieved Certification of the Quality System according to UNI EN ISO 9001 standard. The aim of the certification is to develop, realize and improve the efficiency of the quality system.

If the customer requires, it is possible give him control papers edited according to EN 10204 standard "Declaration of conformity to the order".

Furthermore, since 2013, the quality is even managed online by the platform "MYMAX WEB" which allows to coordinate and follow the development of specific technical themes.

In order to use this service, the customers can ask us by email the access credentials.

Quality certification

IQNet - ISO 9001:2015

Vitillo s.p.a. : IQNet-IT-35829-ISO9001



RINA - ISO 9001:2015

Vitillo s.p.a. : RINA-1063104S-ISO9001


Mining type approvals



Mescola TH-EG: MSHA-IC-247


PCA - J.S. Hamilton

Teknospir/4SP - Teknospir/4SH: JSHP/24

Tekno/2SN: JSHP/23



Marine type approvals



Teknospir/4SP - Teknospir/4SH - Tekno/2SN: DNV-GL-CP-0183

Din Adapters (Chromium III - Zinc-Nickel - Stainless Steel): TAP00002NS


Special type approvals



All Range: GOST-0001012


ISO 15540

Premier ONE RW


Railway type approvals

EN 45545

HL1 - HL2 - HL3

Tekno/1SN RW (1" to 2"): HL1-2 for R22 (internal) and HL1-2-3 for R23 (external)

Tekno/2SN RW: HL1-2 for R22 (internal) and HL1-2 for R23 (external)

Premier ONE RW: HL1-2 for R22 (internal) and HL1-2-3 for R23 (external)

Premier RW: HL1-2 for R22 (internal) and HL1-2-3 for R23 (external)

Tekno/2TE RW: HL1-2 for R22 (internal) and HL1-2-3 for R23 (external)

Tekno/3TE RW (1" 1/4): HL1-2 for R22 (internal) and HL1-2-3 for R23 (external)